Servicing Liferafts

How - To manufactures documented specifications.  Compliant with US Coast Guard standards and compliant with International Marine Organization (resolution 18,A.761) Service Staff

Why - For your safety in any condition

Where -  MSC temperature controlled facility in Farmingdale, NJ.

Geographic Service Area - Connecticut, Delaware, Long Island, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

When - According to manufacturer specifications and US Coast Guard requirements

What - EPIRBs, Immersion suits, Liferafts

Who - Marine Safety full time technicians are trained and certified by the manufacturer

Markets Served - Cargo, Fishing, Commercial and Sport, Passenger, Pilots, Recreational, Tug and Tow, Yacht and Yacht Racing

Added Value -

  • Timely servie
  • Scheduled pick-up and delivery
  • Expertise of 60 years in the business